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Love Story



We're a husband and wife team and have been inseparable since the day we met in 2008. Brian and I come with a transportation background. Although there may be an age difference, we have so much in common.. 

.The day Brian started showing interest in me, he asked me to come over and redecorate his home.on Memorial weekend. This was because he was going to have a Barbecue with his family and friends. The day of, I come to find out that the only people there were Brian and myself. Of course we can't forget his fur children, Roxy, and Dotty. Then it was not until the end of the evening where he finally admitted that he was interested in me. I answered with a simple "yes" and that the whole office had already assumed the same. He then ended the night by asking if he can give me a kiss. From then on the rest is history. Seven years later we got married and I officially became Mrs. Bachar. WooHoo !

It was the planning of our wedding that created that spark, the passion and the realization that event styling is what I wanted to do most. Now, here we are, finding the diamonds in the rubble. Pieces of antique furniture that with a little TLC will make such a beautiful statement at any event. Each piece owning its very own name. 

And they lived happily ever after...

The End 

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